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How Secure Is the Fence Around Your Lubbock, TX Home or Property?

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After a storm almost two decades ago swept through our founder's neighborhood damaging three area fences, he decided his calling was in the fencing industry. With that in mind, he started A+ Fence Repair and Installation in Texas and has since grown the company into the smartest choice for quality services and exceptional customer care.

We have the skills and equipment needed to properly install or repair a fence around your Lubbock home. Speak with the specialists at A+ Fence Repair and Installation in Texas about your project today by calling 806-535-5351. You won’t regret choosing our fencing professionals for your job.

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The last thing you want to worry about when you need fencing services is whether the contractor you’ve chosen is a skilled professional. Fortunately, A+ Fence Repair and Installation are dedicated to staying updated on the latest fencing techniques and technology. Make sure you’re working with the best when it comes to your fencing project by choosing A+ Fence Repair and Installation in Lubbock, TX. Call us as soon as possible to schedule your free in-town estimate!